Here’s what others have to say about Lillian’s training…

Thank you Lillian for a wonderful inspiring day, we are already seeing the results from what we learnt. We both thank you; no one else of many who we have sought help with Alyssa has delivered such positive results. We are so grateful we have found you and Nathan. We now have light at the end of the tunnel towards a happy family.
Glen T & Rowena G
My husband and I attended the Parenting Workshop and found it to be enlightening and inspiring. We took away some gems that we are incorporating in our family such as the ‘Switch It Game’ and ‘Using Words as Gifts’. Thank you Lillian for sharing your insights and providing some effective parenting tools.
S. Gardner, QLD, Australia
We have implemented the gratitude discussion, every night at the dinner table. Our 5 yr old (with ADHD) in particular will say 3 or 4 things that are really positive which is great. Trent, my husband has a new philosophy that he shared with the boys “be smarter not louder” instead of yelling think first of how they can impact others. Small things but it’s working! There is also a noticeable difference with Trent. Both my mum and his parents have been impressed with his reactions. He has been calm, firm but fair. There’s been no need for yelling.I also loved the course for the interactions with other parents, just knowing we’re not the only ones out there going through this. Sharing tips and tricks was great! We’re all moving forward in a positive, happy & loving family way. Thank you so much Lillian.

Renee F, Gold Coast, QLD
Your Parenting Seminar was so informative, entertaining, eye opening but yet so easy to follow. Your amazing one day workshop enabled parents to go to a whole new level of implementing these practical and easy to understand strategies into our homes. I personally have had a lot of fun reminding our family to use the switch it game and have become so much more aware of the language we are using every day. Horsham and the wider region were so privileged to have you come to our school community and share and impart your invaluable knowledge. We can’t wait for you to return so that we can encourage even more parents to attend your awesome seminars and workshops.
Kelly F, Wellbeing officer, Horsham College
Some time back, I attended one of your sessions at Nerang Council building. My daughter was also very interested – having been a chronic eczema sufferer – and now she is the mum of a 11 year old ADHD / Aspergers / Autistic son – well, lets say that’s the diagnosis doctors gave for him. He has excelled this year, going from doing year 2 school work to now currently doing year 6 work AND class captain. This is predominantly through lifestyle changes, and we treasure what we’ve learned from you, your passion for change, and improving the lives of people. Thank you.
A. Weller